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Real Love Stories Never Have Endings

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fic, icons, fanart, any interest in dean & layla of SPN
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Dean_Layla A Livejournal Communtiy

, Welcome! This is a community for people interested in stories, icons, discussions, fanart and fiction involving the Supernatural TV show characters Dean Winchester and/or Layla Rourke. Submissions do not have to include both characters, but they do need to at least stem from the idea of some sort of interaction between them, or the episode "Faith." Other canon characters are acceptable as long as they conform to this idea.

Remembering of course that the primary interaction or emphasis should stem from that between Dean and Layla or stemming from the episode, Faith, all types of entries are welcome at this time.

Please post using the standard warnings for spoilers, as well as the following genre labels:

het for heterosexual interaction or relationship,
gen for general stories without emphasis on a relationship,
RPF-gen or RPF-het for fiction involving any of the actors on the show (including Jensen and Julie). Not sure RPS belongs here, but if you're so motivated, fire away.
slash for a story with homosexual interaction or relationship, and
wincest for you-know-what interaction between Dean and Sam Winchester (or their other family members).

Also, please rate your submission using the following standard ratings:
G, PG, NC-17, R, and M (for Mature, strongest rating). BE CERTAIN TO F-LOCK YOUR POSTS TO THE COMMUNITY IF YOUR RATING IS NC-17 or higher.

Be as specific as you can about anything your story contains, even if it is not the main emphasis, that others may find disturbing, including violence, sexual situations, strong language, death, and incest.

If you have questions, feel free to email susannah at susannaheanes dot com and we'll get back to you swift as a Reaper.

And have fun, Dean and Layla are glad you are here!


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