When You Walked into the Room, There was Voodoo in the Vibes

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Play Dead [NC17, Het, Wincest] Dean/Layla, Dean/Sam, Bobby/Bela, Ellen/OMC, Sam/Jo

Art by yanjara

Title: Play Dead
Author: Susannah Eanes
Ratings/Warnings: NC-17, Het, Wincest. Angst. Violence (like on the show). Fighting. Boykissing, etc.. Possessed objects. And general mayhem.
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Bobby/Bela, Ellen/OMC, Dean/Layla, Sam/Jo, Ruby, other demons; also, in flashback - John, Mary, YED.
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Amazing Art by yanjara. Complete Art Post Here. Art is placed in the text of the story; clicking on each one will bring up a larger version.
Special thanks to: Collapse )
Music: Soundtrack for Play Dead at last.fm. (Thanks to Lila & Bookie for your help with this!)

AN: Written for spn_j2_bigbang's 2009 Challenge. Although this is a stand-alone piece, there are themes and references to canon and occasional things from other stories I've written. Collapse )

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

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A .pdf of the entire story in one neat, portable fully-illustrated document is here for you to download and save or print for your convenience.
king of the jungle

arise, arise from death, you numberless infinities - PG, ficlet

Title: arise, arise from death, you numberless infinities

Author: tigriswolf

Disclaimer: only Robert is mine; title from Donne.

Warnings: spoilers for season four

Pairings: Layla/OMC(hints of Dean/Layla)

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 640

Point of view: third


Layla wonders how to live when you’ve already prepared yourself to move on, when you’re so tired you just want to sleep until the end of time.